Why PGA Jr. League?

We’re so disappointed PGA Jr. League has been postponed. Perhaps it’s a good time to reflect, because this is about even more than learning a great game.

PGA Jr. League is about togetherness and team spirit. It’s about making friends and memories in a space where big and small play together. It’s all about fun, learning, respect, support and honesty.

So perhaps the question should be, why not PGA Jr. League?

But don’t take our word for it
“It’s more about life lessons. You could hit a great shot, but it’s the way you take it after.” – Patrick

Listen to what Patrick and other PGA Jr. League golfers have to say about their experience.

“Some kids thrive on coaching and want to learn more about the technical side of the game. Other kids just want to be with friends and have fun. The PGA Jr. Leaguee is a great platform that enables them to do both.”

– Robert Simpson, PGA Professional, Walden on Lake Conroe Golf Club.

Get involved

If you have a child or relative who you think would benefit from the PGA Jr. League, now’s the perfect time to learn more about it.