Who swings too fast?

Apparently, some Tour professionals are now swinging so fast that they’re over-powering golf courses. Well we’re not. Our golfers are more experienced and know a good thing shouldn’t be rushed.

We know that 99.9% of you aren’t in the game to win a major. You’re in it to enjoy yourself, outdoors, with great company. A bit of sporting challenge encouraging the ball into the hole, adds to the experience.

“Far from reining back your golf ball, you’d like it to go a little further and a little straighter. If your swing speed reflects that there’s no need to rush, then look for a golf ball more likely to respond to your pace”.

Can we play matchmaker?

A golf ball might seem almost inconsequential, but it’s looking to be an effective partner to somebody. If you feel you could get more from your swing, then try out a different golf ball. Chat to us and we’ll play matchmaker.