What is the problem?

Most golfers don’t sink enough of their putts in the 8 to 15-foot range. Small improvements can make a 3 to 4 shot impact on your scorecard.

Amongst the many reasons you may miss is a very small failure to square the face of your putter at impact. A very small amount closed or open causes you to miss left or right. Which side do you miss most? Let’s find out.

On a practice green, place a few ball markers at different locations in a flat area. Then line up a few putts to each ball marker. Are you missing more to the left or the right? It's discovery time.

“Setup and alignment are critical to you sinking more putts in the 8 – 15-foot range. Unfortunately, too many golfers are making that more difficult than it should be.”

Set up to succeed

There are so many factors that influence your ability to square the face of your putter. Your setup and alignment. The length of your putter. The lie angle and weighting of the putter. Even the grip on the putter. Let’s check that setup so you can succeed.