Read the wind

You’ll all have heard on TV the commentators talking about a top Professional playing a “stinger”. A very low shot that will remain under the wind. This was a shot made famous by Tiger Woods.

If you want to learn how to play the "stinger", then please contact us and invest the time into learning and then practicing the technique. Generally, we would recommend that this is a
shot for the better golfer.

For most golfers we talk to, we’d recommend a simpler approach

Take more club. An #8 iron in a 10mph headwind will probably need you to go up to a #6 iron. And then don’t try and swing harder. But do commit to the shot.

The wind shouldn’t spoil a round. It might well hurt a scorecard. But if you think of it as a challenge on the day that exercises your mind and game management, it will improve your thinking on every round.