“The three TaylorMade SIM2 Driver Models come with so many different innovations to improve tee-shot performance; we should be investing time in finding how you can unlock the biggest result and the most value.

On the SIM2, the TPS weight is a more neutral position between heel and toe to allow you to have more control over the shot shape. Combined with the weight of the rear weight (16g), it will help to create a lower spin rate and a lower, more penetrating ball flight. If you have a consistent (and good) tee shot performance with good to fast ball speed; then this might be your solution.

Compare the TPS weight placement on the SIM2 to the SIM2 MAX and SIM2 MAX D above. Both have slightly different weights in the rear and a slightly different design of the ‘inertia generator’ the weight is placed on.  

The SIM2 MAX is all about forgiveness with ball speed and a higher launch that will make this a good match for many of our golfers, especially those who don’t suffer a fade or slice. If you suffer those effects, the weight on the MAX D works in so many ways to correct that with a draw bias. 

SIM2 tech gives
you opportunity

When we unlock the full benefit of driver design, the difference in distance and
accuracy astonishes the golfer (and often us!) Fitting the driver spec to your golf swing changes your experience beyond your imagination.