Set your foundation
More power is a process

Your golf swing has more power potential than you think. To develop that power, you need a strong foundation of mobility. How mobile are you? A swing assessment can tell us a lot.

“Improving your mobility might not sound as exciting as increasing power. But if you bypass mobility training, you’re more likely to limit your range of motion and get injured than you are to improve your swing and hit it further.”

Being able to move through all three planes of motion is the
foundation of mobility.

The three planes of motion are:
Sagittal plane: forward and backward movements.
Frontal plane: side-to-side movements.
Transverse plane: twisting movements.

Have you tried yoga?
The massive variety of poses in yoga take your body through all the planes of motion, making a huge difference to your overall mobility.

Build a strong foundation

A swing assessment can help us identify any areas where you might be restricted. Then we can decide whether a change in technique or a recommended visit to a physical trainer or both, would be best for you.