Par 3 strategy
Coming up short?

Many golfers fall short of par 3 greens because they select a club based on a perfect shot. But perfect shots are rare. How many times have you come up short?

Know your numbers
There are five distances you should consider on each par 3. The distance you hit the ball on a perfect strike, and the distance you’re most likely to hit the ball. Then you can use the yardages to the front, back and middle of the green to plan what club you’re going to use. Is your perfect shot going to get you in trouble? Is your regular shot going to leave you short?

Don’t let the ego get in the way of playing better golf. After all, what matters more; hitting a good spot on the green or the number club you took to hit it?

Hit more greens

Let’s schedule some time on the course and help you make better decisions that will put you into more scoring positions.