Unseen assistance

The PING G410 SFT Driver looks PING-solid from address, but it’s beauty is revealed if you’re a slicer or fader of the ball. 

For those golfers, the beauty is in NOT losing the ball wide and right (for right-handers).

There is 50% more weight positioned heel-side bringing the CoG inside where you are likely to strike the ball on the face. Physics dictate that will cause the club face to counteract your fade or slice sidespin with a draw spin bias.  

A lighter swingweight also makes it easier to square the very forgiving face. The higher MOI also stops the face from twisting on impact to protect ball speed and accuracy.

Want a better tee shot?

For most of our golfers, faster ball speeds are great, but they want to be in the fairway more often. The PING G410 Drivers all offer faster ball speed than previous models, but they also offer more forgiveness and more accuracy. Let’s find the right model and the right setup to help your tee-shot performance.