Performance you need
Unlocking performance from your golf ball

OK, it seems pretty simple to us. Which tee shot would you prefer? There are some who write off an extra 10 yards
off the tee as not relevant when compared to greenside performance.

Well, what if two balls are equal greenside? It seems to us that having a golf ball that leaves you a #6 Iron second,
rather than a #5 Iron, is a golf ball you might want to be using. Of course distance should be a consideration. 

And if the ‘smarts’ in a golf ball are designed to manage spin rate, while delivering EXTRA DISTANCE on EVERY CLUB,
then your #6 Iron might now become a #7 Iron, making it a 2-club difference on your approach shot.

Increasing the inner core’s size by 80% in
the new Chrome Soft has a measurable
impact on ball speed and distance, while
retaining the ‘soft feel’ qualities that
have made this golf ball so popular.  

While most of us aren’t overly concerned with what’s going on under the cover, the size and performance of the
inner core on Tour performance balls is fundamental to the distance your golf ball will travel off every club.

That’s why technical innovation really counts
in any Tour performance golf ball. Callaway’s unique
use of graphene in the outer core allows that to be
thinner but stronger, more flexible and responsive
to the explosive power of the now larger inner core.

And that’s why you’re going to hear us talk a lot about the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X,
and their new graphene dual SoftFast core. It drives up the spin separation to improve pin
performance at both ends of your bag, while delivering extra yardage from every club.

We want our golfers playing with a golf ball that makes better golf easier to experience more often.
It’s an important part of your overall package that includes technique, clubs, and game management.
We’d argue it’s an easier part for you to get right. So come and chat to us about the golf ball for your game.