Titleist TS Fairways
Launch covered. Now speed delivered.

What if an innovation could make it easier to launch your fairway wood shots higher
while at the same time giving you more ball speed across the face
for greater distance and consistency?

Which is going to maximize your speed?

Titleist TS2 Fairway
The available weight is used to create a low,
and deeper CoG, to offer an easier launch,
greater stability, and more accuracy. This is the
model for most of our golfers. Even the best golfers
will choose the TS2 if distance is their absolute priority.

Titleist TS3 Fairway
A more penetrating ball flight. More control.
Adjustable swingweight and CoG to tune ball flight.
For golfers with a good swing speed and
confidence with fairway woods, this is the model
that will provide them with the
greatest workability.

The recoil channel and thinner face increase ball speeds across the face, and protect launch conditions. 
You can swing with more confidence. You can go with more swing speed. You can go faster.