The feeling of confidence

The end of doubt and uncertainty. The PING G425 Max has more forgiveness than any other driver in golf. An incredibly high MOI means ball speed is protected over a much larger area, and accuracy is protected if you strike the ball wide of the center.

The feeling of satisfaction

Discover the walk to the middle of the fairway with the PING G425 SFT. If you slice or fade the ball, then the middle is a tough place to find off the tee. This driver creates up to 25 yards of right-to-left compensation for those who struggle with a fade or slice. And you still get forgiveness as well.

The feeling of surprise

If you create faster ball speeds, then prepare for a surprise. You’ve made solid contact. You’ve created good ball speed. The ball is out there on a great trajectory, but then it doesn’t descend. The carry continues. The PING G425 LST takes spin off the ball to create that carry surprise. And it also means a straighter ball flight. And then there’s the forgiveness.

Your feeling is what counts

Three great drivers, but step one in any tee shot conversation is, “what would make the biggest impact on your game that you would value most?” Is it consistency, distance, accuracy, or something else? Then, we think about how we can get that result. Finally, we apply technology. Come and start your conversation.