This time it’s the same head

Previously we’ve talked about 4 different driver models with identical lofts, creating very different launch angles (and spin rates) because their CoG locations in the head were different.

We’ve also talked about finding the right launch and spin for your tee shots, making 20 and more yards difference to your tee shots.

Well, the same driver head – and therefore identical CoG location - with two different shafts can create a significantly different launch angle and spin rate. 

“We want you to get the best results possible off the tee. Distance is one of the outcomes we’re after. That requires us finding the shaft and head to create the right launch and spin rate”.

Get your DNA measured

There’s a driver DNA – ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. We need to match those when fitting you for a driver. How close is your match? Do you have 20 yards or more of extra performance in the right DNA? Come and see us. Let’s unlock your potential to thrill.