Fairway Matters
Rough or Fairway: What’s the Difference

Do you keep track of your Approach shot performance from the Fairway vs the Rough?
From 140 yards out, in the Fairway, how often do you hit the Green, and how close to the flag?
From the same distance in the Rough, what are your stats?

Look at how big a difference it makes to even the very best golfers.
They are more accurate from 175 yards out,in the Fairway, than they are from 100 yards in the Rough.

One of the highlights from Jason Dufner’s
recent Memorial victory, was the amount
of Fairways he found from the tee (73%).

It’s an easier game from the Fairway and
Dufner’s Titleist 917D2 Driver was set up
to help him find the short grass
without losing distance.

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