The improvements in distance were massive. Gamechanging for most of us on Par 5’s.
In fact Par 5’s are now well in reach in two.

The added distance in the Fairway Wood, with added
consistency, is because the Rogue Fairways
incorporate both ‘Face Cup’ and ‘Jailbreak’
Technology for the first time.

A 5-gram forward screw in the sole, moves the CoG forward
while keeping it low. That protects ease of launch,
but it also takes spin off the ball to create an extra long carry.

Remember, the Rogue Drivers offer different options to help us
match the best result up for each individual golfer.

Most of us would love to play a game that is closer to the Professionals.
That is shorter approach shots on Par 4’s and making Par 5’s in two occasionally.
The right Rogue Driver and Fairways, with the perfect shaft setup and configuration,
gives us the chance to change your golfing experience.