The Rogue Driver and your golf game
Our analysis of where the technology delivers

We know you want to maximize your ball speed from
wherever you strike the ball on the face.

The Jailbreak bars, and variable thickness face,
are in both cases the next stage of an evolution,
making golf a better experience off the tee.

Straighter and more consistent
How do the best manufacturers keep delivering
more performance? They continue to push the
boundaries of materials and design.

An incredibly light, large and very strong crown
(and weight saved in the Jailbreak bars) allows
new levels of weight redistribution to the perimeters.
That’s more MOI.

Every improvement counts

Added to the “speed step technology” in the crown,
to improve airflow, is a new leading edge.

Just 2 mph extra clubhead speed at impact is up to
8yards extra down the fairway.