We want you to get more out of your practice. We want you to see the results.
We want you to enjoy practice. The secret is practising with more purpose.

There is time for ‘block practice’. That’s trying to hit the same shot time after time.
You’ll probably have a technique improvement you’re working on.

Even when you’re engaged in a very specific ‘block practice’, you should approach it with real
focus and concentration on each shot. 

Before each shot, take a practice swing noting the feeling or movement you’re trying to re-enforce.

Now take your real shot, with your attention being on the process – not the shot result.
Did you feel or note the movement you were trying to make?

You’re better off hitting 50 shots carefully with 100% concentration on the improvement you’re trying to make,
than hitting 100 shots with even 80% concentration. Unsure of when to use block or random practice, then