PING believes they’re designing golf clubs for the regular golfer whether they’re avidly committed to playing as often as possible,
or just trying to make it out for the occasional round with friends. They know that if we can fit you to the right specs with the
right technology, then better golf shots, and more enjoyment,  is the result. 

And, in each Iron, technology is often visibly at work.
There’s also, especially with PING, design for the regular golfer that often goes unnoticed.
Like the proprietary PING shafts.

If you’ve never experienced how much easier it is to hit an Iron with the shaft length and lie angle, shaft type and flex,
that matches your swing, then spoil yourself with 45 minutes with us. Every single golfer finds it much easier to hit
solid, accurate Iron shots with an Iron built for them.
Now add all the technology in the PING G400 and you will notice a really big improvement.