Making longer distance easier

There’s more than one way to add distance to your Iron shots, without you having to add effort.
The PING GMax uses several innovations.

The face (Cor-eye technology) flexes more rapidly over a much greater area.
That means more distance from the sweet spot, and the big bonus of more
distance from strikes towards the heel or toe.

A sole designed to bring the CoG deeper and lower means that even with stronger lofts (for added distance),
your ball will launch higher than the equivalent Iron in your set (for a steeper landing).

Ball speed and launch angle are both protected on mis-hits by the high MOI design.

The mid and longer Irons have a lighter swingweight to allow you more control over more clubhead speed.
You’ll notice it’s easier to square the face, improving accuracy. 

The PING GMax Irons are designed to improve the ball striking experience of golfers, especially with slow or slowing swing speeds,
or those who struggle with ball striking consistency. Remember to make the most of technology, you must have a fitting.
The right lie angle, shaft length, shaft flex, as a minimum, makes consistent ball striking easier for every golfer.