This wedge bites
The perfect scrambling tool

The grooves on the new Callaway JAWS MD5 Raw Wedge are sharpened as close to the limit as possible. And because of its Raw finish, you’re getting even more bite for added spin from any lie.

Spin and control from any lie
When you need to make a tight up and down, knowing your wedge isn’t going to punish you for poor contact, makes things a lot easier. There are 84 different contact points across the face of the JAWS Raw Wedge, so off-center shots will spin too.

Playing with an old wedge can rob you of up to 14 feet of stopping power. Make sure your grooves are giving you all the spin you can get.

Enjoy the challenge

Having this much spin at your disposal makes those tight ups and downs a lot easier. Want more spin? Let’s take a look at your wedges and setup and see how you could benefit from one of the JAWS Wedges.