The one shot

A short-game coaching guru once analyzed thousands of regular golfers and determined that the average length of the final shot to the green was 19 yards.

If that’s an average, then we’re looking at most final approaches being somewhere between 15 and 40 yards to the flag. The short-pitch shot. The one shot you need to make sure you can hit confidently with a degree of competence.

“We’d recommend that every practice session includes this benchmark. Find a target about 30 yards away. Imagine, or mark, two circles around the target - one at 5 feet and one at 15 feet radius. Now take 10 pitch shots at your target. Score 2pts for every shot that finishes within 5 feet and 1pt for every shot that finishes outside that circle but inside the 15 feet circle.

Whatever your experience level, start by setting yourself a target of 10pts scored consistently.  Once you’re consistent at that, then it's time to go after 15pts. Work at this, and your scorecard will reward you. You’ll find that a fitted wedge with clean and sharp grooves makes this challenge easier.

Book a wedge assessment

If you want to shoot lower scores, then please make sure that a) your wedges have a design and configuration that suits your swing; b) make sure your grooves are sharp and clean; c) you carry the right wedge lofts. A great starting point to fixing your scoring zone performance is a wedge assessment with us.