The most important thing to you
There’s no compromise

The PING G410 range of metalwoods come with an extremely high MOI. That means you have an ultra-forgiving and straighter driver, which you can really get after.

The G410 Plus is all about forgiveness, ball speed, and CoG and hosel adjustability to manage ball flight.

The G410 SFT provides maximum fade and slice correction along with the forgiveness and ball speed.

The G410 LST reduces spin, so those who create more ball speed can get the maximum carry.

Want a better tee-shot?

For most of our golfers, faster ball speeds are great, but they want to be in the fairway more often. The PING G410 Drivers all offer faster ball speed than previous models, but they also offer more forgiveness and more accuracy. Let’s find the right model and the right setup to help your tee-shot performance.