The components of distance
Tuning Spin Rate

“Most golfers are losing more than 20 yards from their tee shots because they haven’t set them themselves
up with a chance of achieving anywhere near the optimum launch conditions. 20 yards is a lot to give up.
Let’s find out how much we can add to your tee-shot performance.”  

The difference in the two Centre of Gravity locations above, could be as much as a 1500rpm. Neither might be wrong, but both can be wrong.
The amount of spin required will depend on your swing speed. Get it right, add 15 yards. Get it wrong, take away 15 yards.

This highlights just how important a personal assessment is. We need to measure your swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, ball speed and flight.
From there, we’ll find simple adjustments to add considerable distance. Don’t forget ‘Resolution #1 for 2018’ is to add 20 yards to your tee shots.