We’re all dedicated to long and straight
The Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

Come and see us and try out the new Cleveland Launcher HB Driver. Feel the difference it makes to your tee shot performance.
That’s all our golfers.

Easier, higher launch
A new crown design helps to lower
the CoG and pull it deeper.

More energy transfer
The crown design helps the whole head and
face to flex at impact to drive fast ball speeds
from everywhere.

Absurd ball speed from everywhere
The whole head is designed to flex along with the face.
That allows maximum CoR (or spring) to be delivered
from a much larger area.

Faster from everywhere
The added forgiveness is exaggerated further
by the way a face cup is used to join the face to the head.
That allows the area towards the edges to flex and offer
spring and ball speed.

Longer Carry
The hosel is ultra-lightweight, without the
added weight of adjustability. That means
the CoG can be placed to launch the ball
higher for longer carry.

No tinkering, just distance
This Driver, and its weight distribution is
not designed for those that want to ‘adjust’ settings.
It is designed for golfers who want to hit it higher,
longer with a little draw (if anything other than straight).  

This Driver is a simple approach to design. Everything that can be done today to launch your tee shots higher, and longer.
No pretense about adjustability.