Yoga for golf
More than just flexibility

Overall mobility is the most important fitness component for golfers.

You don’t always need exercises, such as jogging, that significantly increase your heartrate, to stimulate your cardiovascular system. You do want exercise that accesses more lung tissue, meaning more oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. And you need plenty of that when swinging a golf club.

Breathe deeper, swing better
In yoga, you’re holding isometric muscle contractions and synchronizing movement with deep breathing. In the Cat-Cow yoga sequence, you inhale deeply while curling your back before exhaling fully while arching it (if you’re unsure how to perform this exercise, please ask an instructor).

Let’s review your mobility

A swing assessment enables us to see if your ability to move through the three planes of motion is impacting your golf. Then we can decide whether an accommodating change in technique and/or a recommended visit to a yoga instructor would help.