The big equipment ideas in 2017: Speed

As they attempt to regulate the
Tour Professionals, those who rule over
the game have introduced rules
to restrict the maximum spring off
the face (CoR) and the maximium clubhead
forgiveness (MOI) to try and slow
down the fastest swingers.

Trouble is, most of us mortals struggle to get the ball beyond 220 yards, don’t often find the sweet spot, and even less frequently
the fairway. We want some help. And some of the manufacturers are obliging, while still conforming to the rules.

If you’re a regular golfer you’re often
missing the sweet spot towards the toe,
and often striking the face too low.
So finding ways to protect ball speed,
launch angle, and spin rate in those
areas will have a big impact on your game.  

We’ll have a number of events and opportunities for you to experience the added distance and consistency.
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