The big equipment gap

Too many of our golfers seem to ignore two very important facts, and consequently place themselves at a disadvantage.

“What percentage of your shots, which don’t require a putter, are played from 100 yards in? This is the scoring zone for every golfer.”

“There used to be a 2-club gap of 8° between a PW (48°) and a SW (56°). Even then there needed to be a wedge to fill the gap. Yet now there’s often a 3-club gap, as pitching wedge lofts have strengthened, but most golfers are still carrying just 2 wedges for the scoring zone.”

“Next time out, keep a tally of the shots you played from outside your scoring zone (before you get to your pitching wedge distance) and the number of shots from within your scoring zone (within wedge distance). How did those numbers compare?”

Book a wedge assessment

If you want to shoot lower scores, then please make sure that a) your wedges have a design and configuration that suits your swing; b) make sure your grooves are sharp and clean; c) you carry the right wedge lofts. A great starting point to fixing your scoring zone performance is a wedge assessment with us.