TaylorMade GAPR

Most golfers have a long-game distance that is in between their confidence and the clubs they have available in the bag.
TaylorMade have released three clubs that solve that problem for three different player types.

The focus of design on each of these clubs is playability to improve consistency,
and the use of cutting edge technology to drive distance.
Each model has loft options and each club has a sleeve that allows us to set up
lie and loft to create the perfect trajectory for your swing.

Each model also uses the TaylorMade Slot Technology to improve ball
speed with SpeedFoam Technology used to maximise the benefits.

TaylorMade GAPR Low

For the better iron ball strikers, especially
those who want the control and
workability of an iron.
The low and forward CoG creates a more
penetrating ball flight to allow the stronger
golfer with a faster swing speed to
gain maximum distance.

TaylorMade GAPR Mid

The GAPR Mid retains an iron style
profile but it’s easier to use than the Low.
While it offers less workability, you’ll
find it easier to launch the ball with
a mid to higher trajectory. The size
of the head also allows for some
forgiveness, for those who might
be a little less consistent.

TaylorMade GAPR High

For the golfer looking for
the most forgiveness.  A more hybrid
profile, but with a dropped
crown, that enables the CoG to be lower
and deeper to launch the ball higher.
The head design allows perimeter
weighting to increase the size of
the hitting zone to maximise distance.

Filling the gap between your longest playable iron and your woods enables you to
attack par 5’s in 2 and gain more distance in testing conditions off the tee.