Swing slower and go further?

What if we showed you that you could swing slower and hit it 20 yards further off the tee? 

Golf Digest reports that LPGA golfers have an average swing speed in line with that of the average swing speed of the male golfer swing. Yet they’re hitting the ball 30 plus yards further off the tee than that male golfer.

A solid, center strike counts. It counts for a lot. In fact, if you dialed back your swing speed a little but made contact closer to the sweet spot, then there are 20 extra yards in it for you.

Great data in Golf Digest
I was interested to see that the average golfer is only generating 2.29 yards for each mph of swing speed. The LPGA golfers average over 2.6 yards per mph! That’s because they have a better smash factor (closer to the sweet spot), and they’ve optimized their launch data.

The best time investment

It is really worth booking in for a solid 45 minutes with us to discover how we can increase your smash factor. Does taking some speed off your swing allow you to increase your smash factor? Then, what happens when we optimize your launch conditions? There is a much better golf game and experience out there for you all.