“The new TaylorMade SIM2 delivers the swing speed benefits you’d expect in the second ‘Shape in Motion’ iteration. The flattened crown, the asymmetric sole, and inertia generator are all designed to aid aerodynamics and allow you to swing faster. Just 1mph of clubhead speed is 2mph of ball speed and 4 extra yards. It adds up.”

The SIM2 looks better at address

Looks do matter. Of course performance does, but when you set the club down behind the ball, you want it to scream confidence.

And it sounds really great

One of the most unexpected bonuses of the new design is the amazing sound at impact. If for nothing else, you should come and hit the TaylorMade SIM2 to HEAR the difference.

There is everything from before; and then more

The aero design, inertia generator, twist face, speed pocket, milled back face cup, speed injection port, split mass weighting, and forged ring construction are all for one purpose, though. A better performance.

SIM2 tech gives
you opportunity

When we unlock the full benefit of driver design, the difference in distance and
accuracy astonishes the golfer (and often us!) Fitting the driver spec to your golf swing changes your experience beyond your imagination.