Breaking 90
Staying in play

Previously we talked about building a strategy for each hole back from the center of the green. How do you get to a place that is within an easy wedge distance (we said 70 yards, but you decide what that is)? And how do you plan to use up to 36 shots over 18 holes, getting to that distance on each hole?

“On this 400-yard hole, you now have 2 shots to get within an easy wedge distance of the center of the green. Plan a journey with club selection that is going to keep you in play. Now your swing thought is all about ‘making a good swing’, not how far you can hit it.”

Turn ‘thought’ into execution

If, without the pressure of hitting the ball as far as possible, your swing still delivers wild and erratic results, then let’s fix that. Let’s provide you with some simple swing mechanics to allow you to keep the ball in play with the longer clubs.