“We’ve always recommended the Srixon Z-STAR golf balls, not only to  deliver distance, feel and stopping power,
but because as long you don’t lose your ball, you’ll be able to use one ball the whole round,
irrespective of how many ripping, spinning wedge shots you hit.”

Keep the improvements coming, Srixon

“We love them”

The 6th generation Srixon Z-STAR Golf Balls come with improvements everywhere.

We’d recommend the Z-STAR for most of our golfers.
More distance than you’d get from any other mid-compression
premium ball with huge assistance creating greenside spin.

The Z-STAR XV is definitely for the more skilled and
probably best for the more aggressive swing speeds.
You’ll unlock tremendous distance from this ball
without compromising your stopping power,
greenside spin or control.

Walk in and ask for a sleeve of the 6th generation, Z-STAR or Z-STAR XV Golf Balls. During the round, notice how far you’re hitting all the clubs in your bag, and how much more spin and control you have around the green. At the end of the round, check the condition of your golf ball. You’ll want to get out and play another round (with the same ball).