Stay in play
Sometimes it’s best to be aggressive

Some tee boxes are scary. That’s down to course design, something you can’t control. But with an understanding of your dispersion patterns, you can adjust your aim to minimize risk. That frees you up to approach a daunting hole with more confidence.

Not sure what your dispersion pattern is? Let’s get on the range and find out.

“Let’s say there’s a hazard that extends down the fairway and stops at 180 yards. You know your hybrid has a tighter dispersion than your driver. But you also know your driver dispersion gets your ball well beyond the hazard, taking it out of play altogether and giving you a shorter approach. That’s when being aggressive is the better choice.”

Better decisions save shots

A more enjoyable golfing experience isn’t only about improving your swing. Simply making better choices has a positive impact. We’re here to help you with both.