Course designers are clearly in league
with golf ball manufacturers.

How many golf courses have a Par 3,
about 5 Iron distance, with water on the right?

They know that an Iron over 38“ long and
less than 28° of loft has a
good chance of going right.

Ten years ago, we told you that your 4 Iron
loft had strengthened to become the same
loft as the previous year’s 3 Iron.
Your 5 Iron will today will have the
same loft as that 3 Iron.

Without question, most golfers ought to be
replacing their 5 Iron with a Hybrid.
They should be investing in improving
their technique. And smiling as they walk
up to their ball on the green. It makes it easier
to enjoy the geese! It also means you’re
buying less golf balls.

Bring your problem distance to us. Let us spend time whether improving your technique with an existing club,
or filling the gap with a better solution. Come and spend 45 minutes with us,
and let’s see how best to fill that gap.