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Should you be replacing your #5 iron?

The ‘rescue’, fore-runner to the hybrid, was designed to help golfers hit more consistent golf shots using their clubs from the top of the bag. The loft on #3 and #4-irons was too strong, and combined with the longer shaft, made it difficult for most amateur golfers to launch the ball effectively.

“When hybrids emerged, the #4-irons, being replaced by hybrids, had 24? of loft. Many of today’s #5-irons now have a stronger loft than that. That’s why many golfers hit #6-irons hit consistently further than their #5-iron.”

There’s no general right or wrong answer to #5-iron or #5-hybrid (or even #3 or #4-hybrids). But there will be an answer that’s right for you.

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It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, how sweetly you strike it, or how inconsistent you might be; every golfer should carry clubs that make the game more enjoyable and more fulfilling.