Cleveland have brought metalwood forgiveness and distance to the Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons.
They’ve also brought short game precision.

You’re looking for consistently solid contact, and a ball flight that is less vulnerable to debris and water.

As in the Cleveland Wedges, the sweet spot
is moved more central to the face (face balancing).
You’ll find the hitting zone more frequently.   

Tour zip grooves then create a more consistent
spin on the golf ball even in light rough
and / or wet conditions.

And, as you’d expect from the leading
Wedge designers, a sole design that works
more effectively with the turf at contact. 

We think that hitting great mid and longer iron approach shots is an exhilarating feeling.
We think hitting precise shorter approaches, even from the light rough, provides real
fulfillment out on the course. We want to upgrade as many golfers’ approach shots as
possible this year. The right fitted equipment or a better swing or both.