Could you save 5 shots per round?

Setup and practice

That’s right. Get into a better setup (with equipment that allows it). Add more focus to the face angle of your putter at address and at impact;
and you’ll sink more putts in the 6 to 12-foot range.

This is a bottom line investment.
That’s right. Your improvement drops immediately
to your scorecard. So benchmark your current
performance by taking 10x10 foot putts
on a perfectly flat lie.

Then consider at least two of three investments.
1. A putter that fits you, allowing you to get comfortably into the perfect setup,
with assistance to make sure your face angle is square to the target line.
2. An assessment and refresher to help make sure that, along with setup and posture,
your grip and stroke allow the face to return square to target at impact.
3. Practice with aids to help make sure your face angle is as square as possible at address and at impact.

Get a check-up

Improving your ability to square the putter face at impact will likely take up to 5 shots off your scorecard.
There are some simple keys to that improvement. Setup and putter are part of that equation. So come and see us.

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