The right place is 41 extra yards

Have you ever looked at where you strike the face of your driver on tee shots?

Most amateur golfers strike the ball away from the sweet spot or hitting zone. This reduces what we term as the smash factor. That is a measure of the efficiency of the transfer of swing speed at impact into initial ball speed.

Slower but further
TrackMan data from hundreds of thousands of amateur golf swings tells us that the average swing speed is 93 mph and the average distance is 214 yards. The average smash factor is 1.42. If we can get you closer to a solid 1.5 with a couple of extra degrees of launch angle, we could get you 255 yards. In fact, if you swing just a little slower and get you to a smash factor of 1.5, we would still add 20+ yards.

How you measure up?

What is your smash factor? What is your opportunity gap between your smash factor and your distance with a smash factor of 1.5?

Give us a call, come and see us, or contact us below, and let’s benchmark your smash factor. How far do you hit it on average, and what is your launch data? What is your opportunity gap?