Sit less, swing better
Restore the rhythm

Is your swing feeling stiff? Are you sitting for several hours a day? Your shoulders could be part of the problem. The anatomical term for your shoulder blades is “scapulae”. Your upper arm bone – the humerus – connects to your scapula. They work together to help you make a full shoulder rotation and swing on plane. This interaction is called “scapulohumeral rhythm”.

Sitting too much messes with this rhythm because it pulls your shoulders forward, disrupting the scapula muscles, causing them to tilt and become unstable. When this happens, your golf swing will be restricted and you may experience pain at your shoulder blades.

Here’s an exercise to help counteract the tilt and maintain the rhythm. Please contact a fitness professional if you’re at all unsure how to do this exercise.

Sitting too much is also linked to metabolic syndromes like high blood sugar and cholesterol, hypertension, and excess body fat. Try to stand and stretch every 30 minutes, and do some moderate daily exercise. Your body and your golf swing will benefit.

Move more, swing better

We want you to enjoy every moment on the course. If you’re having any issues with your swing or your game, or both, please come and speak to us.