Recognize yourself? Same old, same old?

It’s sometimes quite possible to add at least 40 yards to a golfer’s average tee shot distances. While it might be fair to argue that this year’s technology offers marginal improvements over last year’s, you can’t argue with the fact that the total of all those improvements over the last 5 years is substantial. Here’s a golfer playing an older Driver who wasn’t fitted. 

“For a high handicap golfer, the statistics were impressive to start. A 232-yard tee shot is not to be sneezed at, but his swing speed was good, and his contact solid. However, his older Driver was generating too much spin. Bringing down the spin rate in this case not only added a lot of yards, it straightened out his tee shots”. 

Nearly 40 yards of added distance. How much further could you go? Why are you waiting?
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