Simplify your short game
Practice, check, repeat on the course

Knowing exactly how far you hit each wedge with a short, medium and full swing is vital if you want to become an accurate wedge player. You can also start to practice different shots. 

9-3 swing

Bump and runs.
Flop shot.

11-1 swing

Low shot into back pin position.
Low controlled shot into the wind.

Full swing

High approach shot into
front pin position.

Armed with your wedge chart and your favorite distance with your favorite wedge, you’ll know where to lay-up if you can’t get to the green with your approach. 
That’s better game management. Every golfer, whatever their handicap,
should have a wedge chart.

Fill your wedge chart

To gauge a distance for each of your swings for each wedge can be difficult without assistance.
So why not book a session with us. Let’s complete your wedge chart and at the same time,
we can look over your three swings. Maybe there are other improvements.

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