Plus performance

The PING G410 Plus Driver continues the PING theme that forgiveness shouldn’t be compromised, and that accuracy (through a higher-MOI) must be maximized.

The PLUS also offers assistance with ball flight control to allow you to manage your game off the tee.

You can influence your left or right shot direction by selecting one of the three positions (draw, neutral, fade) so the ultra-high-density tungsten back weight can shift the center of gravity (CoG) location.

The innovative tuning port provides eight positions (loft and lie) to influence ball flight, including up to 3° flatter than standard.

“What makes the design of this driver so special is the lightweight, aerodynamic hosel. It allows adjustability without compromise to the other performance factors.”

Want a better tee shot?

For most of our golfers, faster ball speeds are great, but they want to be in the fairway more often. The PING G410 Drivers all offer faster ball speed than previous models, but they also offer more forgiveness and more accuracy. Let’s find the right model and the right setup to help your tee-shot performance.