PING i500 Irons
Not just another “players iron”

Try these players irons and you’ll be shocked at the increase in ball speed (and therefore distance), and the forgiveness on
less precise ball strikes. This iron will improve the consistency and accuracy of our lower handicap golfers.

The steel used allows the designers to bring the innovations of metalwood design to an iron. The face can be thinner,
and more responsive across a wider area. That means faster ball speeds across the whole face, in an iron that’s compact.

Despite the use of metalwood innovations, this remains a compact, muscle back iron,
that will look great at address, and leave you in control of the ball flight.

So that’s how good ball strikers can hit longer and yet more
accurate approach shots with a compact, sleek, blade-style, forged iron.

And that’s how golfers who might have wondered whether
they could use a blade-style, forged iron, can now enjoy that privilege.

Come and trial the PING i500 Irons. How much more accurate will you hit approach shots?
How much of a difference does the added forgiveness make?
Does the added distance improve your shot making?