Full of surprises

Everything about this design creates the opportunity for forgiveness. You can really get after it with this driver, confident that the technology in the crown, hosel, and face, has lent itself to fast ball speeds, quality feedback and sound, and a higher MOI.

You can have more confidence “going after it” because the proprietary face flexes more across a broader area. Ball speed is protected across a much larger area.

Key areas of the head are reinforced. That supports the drive for more flexibility and faster ball speeds, but it also improves acoustics. It sounds solid and fast.

And then the surprise. This driver will reduce the amount of spin created. For those creating faster ball speeds, that will add carry and improve the descent. You’re watching the flight, and everything’s perfect, and then ... it gets better.

Enjoy a hands-on review

Why not reach out to us and schedule an experience? Feel it, listen to it, watch the performance. We think we can make you feel differently about your tee-shot future.