Bulls-eye, now
Shoot the lights out

On the better-than-your-best-ever day, you found the fairway, hit solid irons,
but you’ll remember sinking those putts from all over the green.   

It’s a great zone; a great feeling when you get on a run and the putts start to drop. 

A common problem

It’s harder to get on a run if you set up incorrectly.
If your eyes are not directly over the ball, it is
so much harder to make a stroke that gets
the ball off on the right line.

Odyssey’s new putter technology helps you perfectly align your eyes over the ball with a “red ball aligned in a scope at address”.
Get the ball in the center of the scope, and you’re able to replicate your set again. And then again and again and again. 

This video explains it very simply.

Setup is fundamental to good putting. 
So, if you’re looking for the ‘sink-it-from-everywhere’ experience then spend some time learning how to set up perfectly.
If you’re excited by this new Odyssey technology, then give us a call or mail us now.