The best Putters on Tour get forward roll
What if technology could do that for you?

The best players work on launch angle and rise angles to ensure they get the quickest forward roll of the ball on the green.

The new Odyssey O-Works Putters have a truly unique face insert with micro-hinges that replicate the impact on launch and roll.  

A simple explanation of the impact the
new technology has on the ball, and its
impact on Putting performance.

Watch the video now 

As well as the Odyssey feel, you choose the technology and setup that you’re most comfortable with.
Our job is then to ensure that you’re fitted to allow you to square the face down the target line as often as possible. 

Our advice is to come and try the O-Works Putters.
You will notice the roll improvement.
You will keep more Putts on the target line.

Now the only question is, will it improve
the number of Putts you sink?

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