Don’t undo technology

Are you going to take advantage of improvements in putters? New design and technology will help you square the face at address and impact to increase your chances of rattling the back of another hole. If you are, then please make full use of the technology.

What length of putter is right for you? The standard-length putter is too long for most golfers.

A putter length that’s too long for you will probably cause your eye
line to be inside the ball. That impacts your ability to “see” the putt. If you get your eyes over the ball with a putter that’s too long, you’ll need more arch. That will make it harder to square the face at impact.

Odyssey Triple Track has smart optics designed to make it easier to hit the target. Don’t lose that advantage with the wrong eye-line.

Buy better performance

We’re here to help you sink more putts. If you’d like to take advantage of the latest putting technology, then next time you’re at the course, please ask us about it, or you could also