We’re going through a 5-step “dating process” to find you the perfect putting partner.
Last week we talked about matching the Putter balance to your putting stroke.
If you missed it, then

Would you believe we think appearance is probably next on the list of checks?

There are so many different putter designs. The wild and wacky Odyssey looking EXO Indianapolis S (shown above),
offers a huge sweet spot and high MOI for consistency of distance and accuracy.
The question you have to answer is are you comfortable with the appearance.

The Odyssey O-Works Tank #1 Putter is more of a blade. It’s compact, unobtrusive, and looks easy to handle.
You can even choose red or black. But remember step one in this process. Does the balance fit your stroke?

After checking if the ‘balance’ matches your stroke; and if you look down at a Putter at address and feel confident;
then you are over halfway to finding the perfect partner. Even if it doesn’t ‘fit’ perfectly at this point,
we’re betting you’ll notice an improvement in performance on the green. And that breeds more confidence.
Find the right partner.