If you want a long and happy relationship with your Putter,
then there’s a five-step dating process you need to appreciate and follow.

Odyssey’s microhinge insert is a

whole new way to get the ball rolling,
but let’s look beyond that.
If we want it rolling in the
right direction, then one
of the factors we should worry
about is a head design that helps you,
and your personal putting stroke,
to square the face.

It starts with you.
Are you a straight-back-and-straight-through sort of Putter? Or are you an
open-square-closed-stroke sort of golfer? Knowing which you are allows us to narrow the field
of potential partners, to just those whose balance fits your putting stroke. 

Very different shapes. Very different partners who will each behave very differently as you
take the putter back, and more importantly, attempt to square the face at impact.

As you search for the perfect putting partner. In the meantime, if you’re unsure of which stroke you have or
how to check the balance on a putter, then please come and chat with us.
We want to be the best matchmakers in the industry.