Loft ‘n' roll
Not to be forgotten

We know the right driver loft increases distance off the tee. We know the right wedge loft makes up and downs easier. But what about putter loft? It’s not spoken about enough, but the loft of your putter massively affects your distance control and accuracy on the greens.

Are you delofting your putter?
Most off-the-shelf putters today come with about 3 degrees of loft. That’s what we call the “static loft”, and it’s enough IF you strike the ball square. But if you press forward or pull back in your putting stroke, you’re reducing or increasing the “dynamic loft” at impact.

Take on any putt

To get your ball into a smooth, end-over-end roll after impact, we need to make sure your putter loft is working with your stroke to give you the best dynamic loft. That means getting fitted or having your stroke assessed, or ideally, both.