No need for four hours

Golf doesn’t have to be a game played over four or five hours or even 18 or 9 holes. You can have a competition with 3 friends in 45 minutes before or after your day starts or ends. Par 18 is a great benchmark to track your greenside skill.

“Design 3 easy short shots (a simple chip and run; a flat lie 20-yard pitch, a flat bunker with no high lip), 3 medium challenge shots (a short shot from the rough; a 35-yard pitch shot, a longer bunker shot from a flat lie), 3 hard challenges (pitch shot from the rough, lob shot to a tight pin over a bunker, bunker shot that has to get over a higher front). Now you have your ‘tee boxes’ how many over 18 will you shoot?”

One of the factors that will help to improve your performance on this benchmark is your understanding of how to use the bounce on your wedges. If you have the right levels of bounce and the understanding of how to use it, then you actually need less precision with your ball striking. Of course, clean and sharp grooves also help.

Book a wedge assessment

If you want to shoot lower scores, then please make sure that a) your wedges have a design and configuration that suits your swing; b) make sure your grooves are sharp and clean; c) you carry the right wedge lofts. A great starting point to fixing your scoring zone performance is a wedge assessment with us.